An Attitude of Gratitude: Life's Teachers, Affordable Housing and Playing Guitar

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Over the holidays, we as a company, decided to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and sharing what we are grateful for. It was an inspiring challenge and we looked forward to every day. I know I learned a few new things about my co-workers - many of whom I have worked with for years! We enjoyed it so much, we wanted to share our attitude of gratitude with you here, in a Thankful Thursday blog series. We hope you enjoy hearing about the little and big things we are thankful for

Today's featured employee is Shelley Richey. Shelley has worked with Soft Flex Company for 14 years and is a Customer Account Representative.

When asked, "What are you thankful for?" Here is what Shelley shared:

I am thankful for everybody in my life. And my new perspective that everybody in my life is there to teach me something. Sometimes it is about being kinder and gentler, sometimes it is about learning to be more patient. Sometimes it is about just keeping my opinions to myself and just to listen what they have to say.  But each one of us is here to learn from one another.

I am grateful for our Affordable Housing Group that I am a member. We have gone to our City Council meetings for almost 2 years asking them to create more housing in our little town, where rents are skyrocketing. The newspapers have jumped on board with our Housing Crisis topic, and the City of Sonoma is listening, and are starting to do something proactive. It will be a long climb uphill, but by being persistent and raising public awareness our small group of 8 people have made a difference.

I am thankful that my Methodist church has asked me to play guitar for them for our Sunday services.

~ Shelley

 We encourage you to share what you are thankful for in the comments or on our Facebook page. Use the hashtag #ThankfulThursday on social media to see lots of expressions of gratitude from people around the world! It's amazing what a little shift in thinking will do. 

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