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DIY Soft Flex Macrame 3-Strand Bracelet

5:05 PM

This project took me back to being a tween/teen when I made lanyard bracelets. I pinned this DIY Macrame project by Honesty WTF to my favorites on the Soft Flex Company's Pinterest board some time ago and was thrilled to sit down and try a version of their design with Soft Flex wire.

.019 Soft Flex Beading Wire (16 ft per strand)
3x4mm Crimp Tubes

Begin by cutting the beading wire into two 36 inch and two 12 inch lengths.  Fold the 12 inch piece in half, pull the loop through the jump ring, fold it over the ring, and pull the rest of the cord through the loop. Repeat the step on the other side of the ring. Anchor these strands vertically into the notches the macrame board.
Center the 36 inch cord under the two middle strands of the bottom two strands. Fold the right cord over the middle strands and under the left cord. Pull the left cord under the right and middle strands and through the loop on the right side. Pull tightly and slide knot to the top. 

Finish the 2nd half of the square knot by folding the left cord over the middle strands and under the right cord. Pull the right cord under the left and middle strands and through the loop on the left side.Pull tightly and repeat the steps – left, right, left, right. (Note: if you feel your bracelet start twisting you may have knotted two right sides or two left sides in a row - simply unknot the wire and fix). Continue knotting until the desired length is reached keeping your clasp size in mind. 

To see step by step photos the square knot check out the DIY Macrame project by Honesty WTF. 

This completes one strand. Repeat this process two more times in the same
or different beading wire colors to create a three strand bracelet.

Once your strands are at the desired length, string a 3x4mm crimp tube to each of the strands ends and thread through the clasp.Before you crimp, check that the size length is correct for each of them, that the strands are straight and wire attached to the center rings are all going in the same direction.

Once your happy with the strands, crimp the 3x4mm crimp tubes using the mighty crimping pliers. Be mindful to crimp all three strands the same with the seam facing on the back. Trim the excess wire.

You can make these in all sorts of beading wire colors and connector styles!

Kristen Fagan is a multi-passionate creative and a graphic designer for Soft Flex Company.
Her favorite stone is Turquoise and she can't bead without Bead Stoppers. Learn more about Kristen and her creative passions online at  You may write to her at

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5 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. I would have never thought to use SoftFlex to macrame with. The results are pretty neat and I like that you can just crimp it instead of messing around with a knot.

  2. Ooooh, 3-strand! Cool idea, Kristen!

  3. I am much more comfortable with crimping then knotting. Soft Flex lends itself to macrame really well. I was originally thinking single strands but liked all three colors together so, just went with 3 strand clasp instead. Thanks for your comments Shipwreck and Sara!

  4. I made one and I love it! As someone who used to macrame plant hangers in the '70's, I was a bit hesitant using beading wire, but the bracelet came out just like the photo and it wasn't difficult at all! Thanks for the great idea!

  5. That is awesome! I'm so glad that it turned out!


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