Eclectica's Design Challenge Kit - Partial Sales Go To Breast Cancer Research

10:01 AM

Spotlight on...Harlequin Beads and Jewelry

9:00 AM
Jamie Hogsett

Lemon-limeade by Jamie Hogsett

10:14 AM

New Tool Magic

11:00 AM
Sara Hardin

5 Tips for a Winning Make-It-Take-It

9:00 AM

Soft Flex Glass Art And Bead Festival - Honolulu, Hawaii

9:00 AM

Spotlight on...The Northwest Bead Society

9:00 AM
Kristen Fagan

Jewelry Display Ideas for Your Home or Craft Booth by Kristen Fagan

4:05 PM
Sara Hardin

Live in the moment - My bridal shower

9:00 AM
Jamie Hogsett

Willowy Earrings by Jamie Hogsett

11:21 AM

Spotlight on...Spotlight on Wire by Melissa Cable

9:00 AM

Gorgeous Gemstone Pebble Beads

9:41 AM

Bead Soup Blog Party - The Unveiling

12:01 AM

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