Spotlight on...Bead Store Brea Bead Works

9:00 AM
Jamie Hogsett

Fast Fourth of July Projects by Jamie Hogsett

10:45 AM

8 weeks of beading wire giveaways - week 4

3:30 PM
Sara Hardin

Quality materials for building quality products

9:00 AM

Tips and Tricks - Wire temper and hardening

9:00 AM

Spotlight on...Designer Erin Prais-Hintz

9:00 AM
Jamie Hogsett

Stringing Summer 2010 by Jamie Hogsett

11:15 AM

Best Bead Giveaway Ever

3:28 PM

Don't need to recreate the wheel - repost of proper crimps and crimping

12:29 PM

8 weeks of beading wire giveaways - week 3

9:00 AM

Simply the best beading wire presents simply the best beading contest

9:00 AM

More photos from the Bead and Button Show

1:05 PM

Shop short strand gemstones - cheap and affordable

9:00 AM

Spotlight on...Color by Margie Deeb - Bead Finishes and Their Interaction with Color

9:00 AM

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